The Development of Minorities welfare was created in the year 1993 and bifurcated as Minority Welfare Department, Telangana State with effect from 2nd June, 2014 for implementing schemes for Social development of Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis that constitute about 14% of the population in Telangana. The various schemes and allocations are enumerated as per the Thrust areas of 205 Cr.

a)Shaadi Mubarak Scheme:

The Shaadi Mubarak scheme is an unparalleled scheme in the Country for assisting the poor Minority girls at the time of marriage. This scheme was introduced by Government of Telangana on 2nd October, 2014 i.e.., within (4) months after formation of the State. In this scheme a one-time grant of Rs.51,000/- is given to BPL Minority family at the time of marriage of the girl. Since, 2nd October, 2014 more than 43747 Minority girls are sanctioned grant under this scheme amounting to more than 223.10 Crores.

b)Preservation & Promotion of Urdu Language and Construction of Shaadikahans:

Government of Telangana sanctions funds for the preservation & promotion of Urdu Language and culture and also construction of Shaadikhanas. This year allocation is Rs.23.00 Crores.

c)Assistance to Christian Minority Finance Corporation:

Rs.7.00 Crores for welfare of Christian Minorities. This grant is for construction/repairs/maintenance of Churches etc and Jerusalem Pilgrimage.

d)Dawath-e-Iftaar and Christmas Feast:

Through this Scheme Government arranges Dinner to poor Muslims and Christians at the time of their festivals and Distribution of 2.00 Lakh Clothes, Gift packets for Ramzan and Christmas respectively.

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