Government of Telangana attaches maximum importance for the Welfare and Development of Minorities Communities. After the formation of the state 1130 Crores was allocated in 2015-16. In the year 2012 only, the Government have established the Commissionerate for Minorities Welfare to implement various schemes for the minorities and to ensure proper utilization of funds being spent. The various schemes and allocations are enumerated as per the Thrust areas of 162 Cr.

a)Subsidy cum Loan Scheme:

Government of Telangana implements the Subsidy cum Loan Scheme for creating Self-employment/Business among Minorities by giving Subsidised Loans. Recently the Subsidy portion enhanced and ranges from 50% to 80% and loan scheme from 1.00 Lakh to 10.00 Lakhs. This year allocation for this scheme is 150 Crores.

b)Training and Employment:

In the training and employment scheme, Minority Youth are given job oriented training and placement. Government arranges the Training through reputed Institutions like NAC, SETWIN etc., and courses include Civil, Industrial, Electrical and Computer related courses. Allocation is 12.00 Crores.

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